Sunday, July 3, 2011

Moving is entirely no fun at all!

Well, we have moved to our new house. And all I have to say right now is uuuugh I don't like this moving thing one bit. I would prefer to sit on the chaise and read a book. Well, ok... I can't say I did too much. The movers picked everything up and they are moving things out of the pods into the house. But packing and unpacking is not my idea of fun. I mostly have the house unpacked and now I have no office but one of my amazing relatives might be able to make me a desk that fits into my bedroom and I can work easily from that.
Most of all I am happy that I am back in Pa and I have my chaise and my scrapbooking stuff back. Can you imagine, I spent an hour last night sorting stickers? Lols. I haven't even crocheted since the first night we were here. Too much to get done. But my cousins did come down the day that the movers were moving everything in and helped watch my son and when the movers left they helped to unpack. I am blessed to have a good family. Last night I put pictures on the walls and it made it feel even more like home. Next looking for a kitty, but no rush on that one. I want to find the one that is meant for me and my family. So shelter online hunting I go at night when I need something to look at when I can't sleep and want to smile and look at all the cuties.
My Love took me and my son and his son to see Transformers 3 yesterday. It was really good but super long. Thank goodness we all made through it well. I am very glad my little red head likes going to the movies. Only confirmed that he indeed is my son. (yes, sometimes in this terrible 2-3 I sometimes wonder where my sweet son went) ... hmmmm, what else have I been doing? Not much, just unpacking. I do know that when I get out all of my scrapbooking stuff I am going to cut out some birds to go on my vanity mirror because I think it would make the space look cool. I have a small vanity built into the master bedroom and I think who ever the contractor was who thought up that and put a huge closet behind it understood his wife/ girlfriend. I'd like to meet him and hug him.

^  my new sign in the kitchen. I love lattes and the fact that the sign was a dollar didn't help either!
Happy Fourth everyone, this is the first year that I get to show my son sparklers, this should be interesting for sure. Be safe and have lots of fun!!

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