Saturday, August 20, 2011


I did a project a few days ago with the meow lite cricut cartridge. Purrrrr... I know when I got my 5th anniversary cricut I noticed that all I really did with my cricut is make scrapbook pages and didn't really make anything else. So with my new one I have vowed to do more. :) I knew the first thing I would be making with this one is something for my mother. A nice card to her to make her smile and maybe get a smile out of her.

Using these colors. The white is regular white cardstock, the brown and yellowish orange is a page out of dcwv sweet stack, and the pink is a single sheet that I picked up at a JoAnns one trip months ago.

Then cutting what I needed for the cat and the spoiled for the inside.

And the finished project. :) I used a page out of the mini all dressed up matstack for the background on the front. I didn't realize after I had written inside of it that I had forgot to put on the little white slits for the eyes so I used my pen touch in white to make his little slits for his eyes. It was the perfect card to send my mother because the cat and its little brown mouse looked like my mothers favorite, spoiled cat.

I think I will be doing more with this cartridge as I do love animals myself, and hopefully we will be getting a kitty soon ourselves. :) Here is hoping to a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thankful Tues.

Yay, the front of my mini album is pretty much done. I like how I antiqued it. I am taking my time on this one and really doing what I enjoy and adding one thing at a time and feeling it out. I don't think I'll be a person who makes lots of mini albums but this one is good. Updating on the crochet - Last night I went to finish a ballet flat slipper and looked at it funny and went oh no this is way too big. It was the yarn I was using, too bulky, so when I did my double crochet it made it looong. Lol. Should have seen my face, like oh dear, I don't know if big foot likes crochet slippers. (though that would be a hoot) So I restarted with one of my favorite yarns and it looks sooo pretty. So I am hoping it works out and will show you when I'm done as its a secret on the yarn. tee hee.

I've been realizing that I'm awfully thankful lately. Thankful for- my son saying in his toddler talk that he loves me, it not even being a year yet but when he climbed into bed and actually pulled the covers up on himself that for me was the most amazing thing ever (dunno exactly why), that its fall, of books on my nook to read at night when I can't sleep, of my family and friends, and really really hot showers and cotton capris and hoodies for my not feeling well week.

My cousin came down yesterday and we went to JoAnns and then out to eat at a steakhouse, where her son and I proceeded to throw peanuts at one another. Her son and mine got cowboy hats from a nice waiter. And I came home with lots of stickers and small mats of cardstock. Overall a good day and a fabulous way to start the week. :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cuddly weekend

Hope every one is having a good weekend so far, my son and I have been cuddling up allot on the couch and chaise because I have been under the weather. But we have managed to get a few things done. I really do love that every morning after we have our juice we go outside and water the plants and we don't have to soak them since it has stopped being over ninety degrees every day.

Friday we took two mason jars that were laying around up in a cubbard in the kitchen and spray painted the inside of them (well, more I did since I had him stand up on the porch away from the fumes). I am going to use one for my crafting tools that I use the most and end up lying on my desk anyway and the other for maybe some flowers. I got the idea here and here.

I am working more on my sons blanket I am crocheting him but it is the largest crocheting project I have made thus far and its getting a little tedious so this morning I have started to make a pair of crochet ballet slippers so that when I pick up my crochet basket I don't feel so much like whining because I'm only working on the same ol' project. I do hope that I'm not the only one to feel that way!

Also yesterday we got a nice surprise in the mail. My cousin in Texas had sent my son and I a package in the mail! My son got a teddy bear all suited up in an army outfit, and I got four sheets of stickers, pictures, a coffee cup and some hot sauce. She knows me so well!! :) The only thing with my hot sauce collection is that we use them all. Tee hee. Both Love and I use lots of hot sauce and love it.

I have started to make my first mini album and am very excited about it thou the glitter I applied to part of it yesterday did not make me super happy. :( Turned out looking more green than the white that it was in the bottle. I'll take a better picture of it when I become more sure and proud of it again.

Also on Monday I will be getting this in the mail because the last time Love sat in the car and I ran into JoAnns I picked up a Crop-A-Dile and am super happy about it but have realized its a little too clunky to have laying around on my desk and want a place for it. So into the case it will go. I love that it has the two punches and the eyelet setter all in it. Now I can get rid of the cheap hole punches I have sitting around and the little plastic piece broke off of (seriously that is beyond annoying).

But today I am just now drinking my coffee having spend the whole morning and noon with my son and am going to start to make a Halloween card make and take for when my cousin from northern Pa here comes down. When I got my Cricut Expression 2 in the mail and we got moved into our new house I gave my pink Cricut Expression to her and I'm so happy that she has one now too! Just like she gives me incredible ideas for crocheting, now we can trade ideas for paper crafting stuff too! So excited.
Hope everyone is having an incredible weekend!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cricut n Vinyl

I did a project on Sunday that I am just getting to posting today. A little vinyl project to add a little character to the living room. I love using vinyl with the cricut. Especially around holidays or events. Its really fun to me and I love how it brings a little life to anything. There was originally two birds on this but I only wanted the single one.

I don't use cricut vinyl btw... I know I'm a bad girl... but I like to find things in a bigger supply when I know I use lots and lots of it. I get mine from - Vinyl Ease on Amazon And really if I am looking for something, that is the first place I go. I love But the transfer tape is cricut - I didn't want a large amount. I also don't use the Popsicle stick (man I really don't like following rules do I) I use a credit card or something to that effect. I worked once for a man who had his business in vinyl and found out the correct ways to go about applying it (even got the windshield of my car at the time to say 'supergirl' lol) and so I didn't watch any videos.

My house is still a little bare and I'm still adding things, but I have started collecting small things here and there with black silhouetted birds. I used the Sophisticated Cricut Cartridge, on page 60 the border at the top with the birds. All in all it took about 15 minutes to do and I really love the result. There isn't a whole lot of things I could do on that wall space being that there is a huge set of doors. But this makes a difference.
Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday.