Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting back in the game

I have been dealing with some inner demons lately. So I have been staying in and doing what I do best. Cook and be a mumma. (the name changes for me all the time, its our thing, I kinda like it) I've been doing some newer things too. I have like 5 mason jars in my fridge right now. Two full of strawberries, one of grapes, one of a homemade chicken soup, and one of a pasta little one and I really enjoy. We have stopped buying so much pre-processed foods and have started also buying food fresh. Whether its meat or veggies or fruit. And I have noticed an up in our moods having better foods in our body.

I also put up my spring wreath and my neighbors think I've lost it, but my plants are still saying spring is so very close and I'm excited. Have I told you I started a pinterest? I like it very much. I like how I can organize it, because of course I am addicted to things I can organize and it makes me feel more centered.

And in other news, IronMan had surgery. Lol. And he loves his new replaced hand. You see, this particular IronMan had hands you could interchange and I didn't want to tell my little man no to the Mark 5, so I took two hands and I glued them in with super glue. (he was 2 at the time) And in the last couple months one of his hands snapped off. So I had to take the drill and a small drill bit and drill out the super glue and broken part and install a new one. Oh yhea, this mumma loves her tools. :p 

Doing my best to be the greatest to my little one and Mr. Love. And waiting for springs blooms.