Saturday, January 28, 2012

My way too long procrastination list

Firstly, for all of those whom have talked to me about something and I have procrastinated here is a cuteness picture to make you smile.

Secondly, I have my list down to about 6 things, and at the beginning of the month it was so long I had a scroll bar on my sticky note on my desktop.

I get so caught up in things and in my own life sometimes that I make this little list in my head of things I have to do, and each day it gets longer and longer. And then the things I really love doing get pushed alllllll the way to the back.

Here are some other pictures of things I have been doing...

Things are getting done and I am spending more time doing things like setting up train sets and playing with my little one and Mr. Love and I have had a few relaxing evenings. And I am also doing a valentines craft swap - 

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!!! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New crafts and gifts for friends

Lots of things have been going on over @ our house. And I was finally able to get some silver yarn to finish up a hat for a friends little girl. :) Late Christmas presents anyone? I also was able to finish a size medium set of fingerless gloves that I am going to post on the etsy shop. I haven't been crocheting allot lately because there has been so much cleaning to do around the house. Its absolutely crazy!

Today has been a morning of scooby doo and my crochet hooks and some really lovely coffee.

My animal child and my real child decided they have taken an interest in my yarn today. And my little one refuses to take off his hoodie for me to wash it since he got food on it @ breakfast. Silly boy. 

For once the fingerless gloves I'm making are for me! Lols. I keep on doing these really lovely pairs and then went to a store a few weeks ago and picked out a yarn I really loved to do my own in. But I'm making the part for the thumb longer as I think I like it better that way. ;) Even though in the picture my fingers look super short and chubby, lols. And on finishing the first one, my animal child decided to go after my crochet hook. 

Silly girl! I hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday!

Friday, January 13, 2012


The last few weeks have been a learning experience for both little one and I. Mr. Love and I have realized that we need a little more learning reinforcement hands on. So I made flash cards and you wouldn't believe how much little one enjoys doing his letters and colors with me!

To make them I just used the craft room basics and it was my first project ever using the cricut craft room. So I learned a few things as well.

This was my first time melding things on my cricut and I realized how much fun it was and how nice it was too.  I also did the alphabet that I have yet to take pictures of yet but I did it in ironman colors and little one is very happy about that as well. I like that I have started to use my cricut in ways that just fits all of our life. And had lots of fun doing it too!

We have lots of snow here in Pennsylvania right now and I am loving it, I can't wait to take little one out sledding since we didn't get any snow till January. I love it, it looks so pretty. :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

New years and SnOw!

New years was calm. Lol. As you can see. A glass of wine, a movie, bon bons, and the cat. A good new year, Mr. Love went out of his way to have time to snuggle me. Definitely better than last year by far. In which I was alone and had no kitten and Mr love was very far away traveling. Little one was (and still is) sick with a cold.

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time making new fingerless gloves (sold at our etsy on the right) and I think I'm going to make little crocheted hearts to go with these ones and call them sweetheart sets. :)

It snowed quite a bit today, so after it took a break I finally brought my fairy garden in. I hadn't before because it had been 40-50's outside and had no reason to. But sadly I did today and made her a snowman. She's waving goodbye to the nice weather...

Really hoping we have enough snow tomorrow for little one to go sledding, I know he would really adore that this year. Last year he was skiddish, and the year before he cried. But my adventurous little toddler hopefully will enjoy it greatly this year.