Friday, July 22, 2011

Mad as a Hatter - all the best are

Making some Steampunk(ish) and hatter things. I like the darker side to Alice in Wonderland. I almost finished the fronts of the cards earlier but not sure what I am going to do with them next. I have been in a rut lately. And haven't really been feeling all to well so I am really trying but I just managed to finish these cards the middle of this week and here is how they ended up turning out -

All of them are a little different from the other but I really do like how they ended up looking. I do wish I would have had a light brown to antique the edges of the main card with that as well, or I could have started out with a light brownish main card, but I'm not all for color for the main card itself. But that is just me - I have seen others do a fantastic card with colored card stock as their main. I can't wait to put them up for sale. Selling I think has been pushed back a little bit but it is coming along and making things to put up for sale in the mean time is ok I think. :)

Also I have started crocheting a blanket for my son with crocheted bobbles every third row of double crochets. I let him pick out what kind of yarn he wanted me to use and picked a very very soft one that is mainly a egg color I think with brown and blue scattered about it. He has one blanket that is crocheted at my mothers house and my cousin (that I am going into business with) made it for me when I was a very small girl. And he has enjoyed it on nights when he was there last month and covered up with it on the warmer nights as it was a little airy. I will post progress on that next.

I do hope that every one is having a lovely week and is staying away from being ill like myself. :( But the really good news is that I saw Harry Potter last weekend and tomorrow we are going to see Captain America tomorrow morning. And I'm sure that will be a blast!

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