Sunday, July 24, 2011

A cute little gift bag or something for your table

The link to make this adorable gift box is here. And I absolutely loved it because if you don't have a cricut you can still make it. And two nights ago I was bored and not tired so I decided to stay up and make it to see how easy it would be. And its great. And sooo adorable.

Started with folding your main paper and cutting out three different designs.

My best folding thanks to a scorer.

Adding what card stock you would like for your inside and outside.

And there ya go! (no thats not a fresh stain on that, lol, its how the card stock was made to look old fashioned) I added ribbon in a different way than the video showed to do but you have to make something your own right?!
I have been busy crocheting a blanket for my son and am happy to say that I have mastered the bobble stitch and am super happy about it. He came over to me today and asked for one of my yarn balls and I told him no, that mummy was making him a blanket and I showed him what crocheting was. The first time he had taken an interest in the actual work itself and not the finished product so I was a little happy about that. And tonight I went outside and put in some garden fencing around my side garden and got soooo bit up by mosquito's.

Yes I was in my jammies all day today. But it was fun to have a relaxing day after being out yesterday and going to see captain america and eating out and looking for a stool for my vanity. Having a great weekend, hope you are too!

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