Monday, June 20, 2011

Yarn and Cupcakes

I would say that my collection is big... and then I see others collections expanding across rooms and then giggle. But somehow the yarn laying places all twisted up and sitting in piles next to things looks almost romantic to me at times. I'm silly I know. But I look at it all and think of the textures and the lovely things that will be made out of it. But this is mine, in a basket that I did not buy intending to hold them all. Right now I am making a queen ann lace scarf that has the dark grey yarn and the pink crochet thread together. It looks adorable. But for winter, it would be beautiful against a dark grey or black wool jacket. I'm making it long too, I hate when I see beautiful scarfs that you want to also keep you somewhat warm too. So it should be able to circle around at least twice... I hope. Lol.

This is the darling little bunny I have cricut out and am putting on the back of the cards that I make. I adore her, bubbly and cute.

And this is one of the cupcake just a note cards that I made. I made 6 of them in two different prints with a larger flat cupcake in the inside cut from the American Alphabet already pre - installed on the anniversary cricut. And I just found out that also on that pre - installed cartridge there is some much needed phrases I am going to use lots. Next I am going to make an owl thinking of you card for a friend to go with a crocheted owl that I made her. I hope that she likes it.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!


  1. oooh I can't wait to see your finished scarf.....and I love the tote you use to hold all your yarn :)

  2. You sound totally normal to me... I often find myself drooling in the yarn sections of shops!