Saturday, July 30, 2011

My week

Overall this week was pretty ok, Put in edging on my side garden during the week and planted more and mulched today. (insert tired yawn here) That wasn't as much fun doing it in 85 degree weather but it wasn't bad as most of it is shaded. Love was home for a couple days from work so that was really nice to be able to have. We went shopping yesterday for little stuff, mostly food.
Today while I was mulching I got two packages, one from which had some clear scrapbook paper containers and some mono adhesive. And the other is the most exciting... from ! Here are my new two additions -

Really excited to be able to work with these two and get some projects out with them. Overall its been a busy but fun week... Hope everyone else had a terrific week as well!

Two beach-y pages

I was able to get some personal scrapbooking done this week and really enjoyed it. I have started to realize I like to go maybe too simple, but I'm getting there I think. I really enjoy one of the pages and the other is ehhh... ok. But I couldn't find the right inspiration layout and I'm a whole year behind on scrapbooking. Eeeeks!

Wausau Creative Collection Textures in white - The blue and orange are pages out of a 12x12 pack I have had for a while now Complete Boy, my minds eye - Circles are out of K&Co Amy Butler designer paper - Stickers are Making Memories, Great Escape - Lettering and circles are from Cricut's American Alphabet

Patterned paper is out of K&Co Classic K Designer Paper- Yellow flowers and yellow and white sail boat are from scraps laying around in my box - the blue is Evening Surf from Brazzill Basics- Beach stickers from eksuccess - Surfboard sticker from Making Memories, Great Escape - Flowers are from Cricut's Cricut Essentials - sail boat is from Cricut's Just a Note

Those cartridges are exclusive to the E2 cricut. :) Thanks for reading!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A cute little gift bag or something for your table

The link to make this adorable gift box is here. And I absolutely loved it because if you don't have a cricut you can still make it. And two nights ago I was bored and not tired so I decided to stay up and make it to see how easy it would be. And its great. And sooo adorable.

Started with folding your main paper and cutting out three different designs.

My best folding thanks to a scorer.

Adding what card stock you would like for your inside and outside.

And there ya go! (no thats not a fresh stain on that, lol, its how the card stock was made to look old fashioned) I added ribbon in a different way than the video showed to do but you have to make something your own right?!
I have been busy crocheting a blanket for my son and am happy to say that I have mastered the bobble stitch and am super happy about it. He came over to me today and asked for one of my yarn balls and I told him no, that mummy was making him a blanket and I showed him what crocheting was. The first time he had taken an interest in the actual work itself and not the finished product so I was a little happy about that. And tonight I went outside and put in some garden fencing around my side garden and got soooo bit up by mosquito's.

Yes I was in my jammies all day today. But it was fun to have a relaxing day after being out yesterday and going to see captain america and eating out and looking for a stool for my vanity. Having a great weekend, hope you are too!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mad as a Hatter - all the best are

Making some Steampunk(ish) and hatter things. I like the darker side to Alice in Wonderland. I almost finished the fronts of the cards earlier but not sure what I am going to do with them next. I have been in a rut lately. And haven't really been feeling all to well so I am really trying but I just managed to finish these cards the middle of this week and here is how they ended up turning out -

All of them are a little different from the other but I really do like how they ended up looking. I do wish I would have had a light brown to antique the edges of the main card with that as well, or I could have started out with a light brownish main card, but I'm not all for color for the main card itself. But that is just me - I have seen others do a fantastic card with colored card stock as their main. I can't wait to put them up for sale. Selling I think has been pushed back a little bit but it is coming along and making things to put up for sale in the mean time is ok I think. :)

Also I have started crocheting a blanket for my son with crocheted bobbles every third row of double crochets. I let him pick out what kind of yarn he wanted me to use and picked a very very soft one that is mainly a egg color I think with brown and blue scattered about it. He has one blanket that is crocheted at my mothers house and my cousin (that I am going into business with) made it for me when I was a very small girl. And he has enjoyed it on nights when he was there last month and covered up with it on the warmer nights as it was a little airy. I will post progress on that next.

I do hope that every one is having a lovely week and is staying away from being ill like myself. :( But the really good news is that I saw Harry Potter last weekend and tomorrow we are going to see Captain America tomorrow morning. And I'm sure that will be a blast!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

All settled

That is a picture of my fairy garden. I saw one or two at my favorite herb place in Ohio and they were selling the whole complete package but I had plans of my own.  - but most of their web page is under construction. What I did get there though was all the plants and the awesome metal planter. I knew what it was for as soon as I saw it and I definitely got it for a steal!
I had been thinking about making my own fairy garden for a while, I liked the whimsical feel of it and that it wouldn't mean I had to take care of twenty huge plants. I can't seem to find the box for the fairy atm but my mother collects some of them and when we were at May Market for Phipps Conservatory I saw this fairy and decided that I didn't know what I was going to do with her but I had to have her because of the resemblance to me when I was younger.
In other news I have finished my winter queen ann lace scarf.I love it so much, it will be a hard decision trying to decide to sell it or keep it. But I have figured that I am going to buy some more Natures Choice in Macadamia I have used that particular yarn twice now and I absolutely love when my hand goes over it and I can make something snuggly from it. I think it would make a wonderful scarf on how soft it is against the skin. I just made an owl out of that yarn in the color wildflowers and sent it to a friend to make her smile. Really Wildflowers is my favorite color out of all of them and its really a joy making something from it.

This week has been a little hard, I miss my Love and with his new job I don't get to talk to him as much as I used to. I'll get to see him for a little bit this weekend and then he's off again. My little red head and I can't wait to see Captain America next weekend and Its so funny to hear him talking more like a little boy than a toddler. He's growing so fast <3. Hope everyone is having a great week.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Unpacking goodies

Thought I'd share this little picture with you today. I made it last night when I wasn't quite tired enough to sleep last night and I had unpacked all my scrapbooking goodies. Two things I was really super glad to find. 1. my vinyl. 2. my cutter for card stock that scores. Overjoyed with both discoveries I had to cut some white card stock out for cards and decided to use some black vinyl and one of my cartridges on my expression 2 to make something for my vanity mirror.
After doing all that I decided to use some of my MS glitter and embellish some cards that I had already made and by that time I was getting silly so I decided to go over and lay down in bed. But I wanted to share with you what made my Sunday night a joy. Hope your having a wonderful day!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Moving is entirely no fun at all!

Well, we have moved to our new house. And all I have to say right now is uuuugh I don't like this moving thing one bit. I would prefer to sit on the chaise and read a book. Well, ok... I can't say I did too much. The movers picked everything up and they are moving things out of the pods into the house. But packing and unpacking is not my idea of fun. I mostly have the house unpacked and now I have no office but one of my amazing relatives might be able to make me a desk that fits into my bedroom and I can work easily from that.
Most of all I am happy that I am back in Pa and I have my chaise and my scrapbooking stuff back. Can you imagine, I spent an hour last night sorting stickers? Lols. I haven't even crocheted since the first night we were here. Too much to get done. But my cousins did come down the day that the movers were moving everything in and helped watch my son and when the movers left they helped to unpack. I am blessed to have a good family. Last night I put pictures on the walls and it made it feel even more like home. Next looking for a kitty, but no rush on that one. I want to find the one that is meant for me and my family. So shelter online hunting I go at night when I need something to look at when I can't sleep and want to smile and look at all the cuties.
My Love took me and my son and his son to see Transformers 3 yesterday. It was really good but super long. Thank goodness we all made through it well. I am very glad my little red head likes going to the movies. Only confirmed that he indeed is my son. (yes, sometimes in this terrible 2-3 I sometimes wonder where my sweet son went) ... hmmmm, what else have I been doing? Not much, just unpacking. I do know that when I get out all of my scrapbooking stuff I am going to cut out some birds to go on my vanity mirror because I think it would make the space look cool. I have a small vanity built into the master bedroom and I think who ever the contractor was who thought up that and put a huge closet behind it understood his wife/ girlfriend. I'd like to meet him and hug him.

^  my new sign in the kitchen. I love lattes and the fact that the sign was a dollar didn't help either!
Happy Fourth everyone, this is the first year that I get to show my son sparklers, this should be interesting for sure. Be safe and have lots of fun!!