Saturday, January 28, 2012

My way too long procrastination list

Firstly, for all of those whom have talked to me about something and I have procrastinated here is a cuteness picture to make you smile.

Secondly, I have my list down to about 6 things, and at the beginning of the month it was so long I had a scroll bar on my sticky note on my desktop.

I get so caught up in things and in my own life sometimes that I make this little list in my head of things I have to do, and each day it gets longer and longer. And then the things I really love doing get pushed alllllll the way to the back.

Here are some other pictures of things I have been doing...

Things are getting done and I am spending more time doing things like setting up train sets and playing with my little one and Mr. Love and I have had a few relaxing evenings. And I am also doing a valentines craft swap - 

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!!! 

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