Monday, January 2, 2012

New years and SnOw!

New years was calm. Lol. As you can see. A glass of wine, a movie, bon bons, and the cat. A good new year, Mr. Love went out of his way to have time to snuggle me. Definitely better than last year by far. In which I was alone and had no kitten and Mr love was very far away traveling. Little one was (and still is) sick with a cold.

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time making new fingerless gloves (sold at our etsy on the right) and I think I'm going to make little crocheted hearts to go with these ones and call them sweetheart sets. :)

It snowed quite a bit today, so after it took a break I finally brought my fairy garden in. I hadn't before because it had been 40-50's outside and had no reason to. But sadly I did today and made her a snowman. She's waving goodbye to the nice weather...

Really hoping we have enough snow tomorrow for little one to go sledding, I know he would really adore that this year. Last year he was skiddish, and the year before he cried. But my adventurous little toddler hopefully will enjoy it greatly this year.

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