Monday, February 6, 2012

Is it spring yet?

One day we had this weather...

Less than a week later we had this weather! (can you tell he won't wear anything but this hoodie, he loves it)

My lil one had so much fun both days. The first we got to grill out and play in the mud on a 60 degree day and the next day we were out and about it was almost 2 inches of snow. What silly weather we have. 

I know what the groundhog said and I know that I'm in the same state as him but his shadow and my plants are saying two very different things. I have mini hostas coming up and my mother has daffodils poking up! Either way we're having fun and I am loving the beautiful sun shine that we have been getting!! 

I also on Friday finished my project for the Valentines Craft Swap over @ 

Wanna see my craft I got in the mail from Katelyn @ 

I love it so!! Grey is my most favourite color ever. (even though Mr. Love has tried to get me into wearing and decorating with brighter colors, tee hee) It looks great on my door and I didn't have a Valentines day wreath yet. :) 

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