Friday, January 13, 2012


The last few weeks have been a learning experience for both little one and I. Mr. Love and I have realized that we need a little more learning reinforcement hands on. So I made flash cards and you wouldn't believe how much little one enjoys doing his letters and colors with me!

To make them I just used the craft room basics and it was my first project ever using the cricut craft room. So I learned a few things as well.

This was my first time melding things on my cricut and I realized how much fun it was and how nice it was too.  I also did the alphabet that I have yet to take pictures of yet but I did it in ironman colors and little one is very happy about that as well. I like that I have started to use my cricut in ways that just fits all of our life. And had lots of fun doing it too!

We have lots of snow here in Pennsylvania right now and I am loving it, I can't wait to take little one out sledding since we didn't get any snow till January. I love it, it looks so pretty. :)

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