Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My new favorites, an adventure, and one not so favorite.

I've been so busy!! Last week was a blast. My little man turned three!! Its so exciting to see him grow. And he is the most well mannered when it comes to thank you's and excuse me's and all the other lovelies. I'm so proud of my little boy! 
First thing I want to share with you are two new things to my world that I am adoring and can't wait to start working with! 

The book was bought at joanns and I can't wait to start making things from it very very soon! The stamps I got here and I love them so much, they are a perfect representation of me and how sassy I am. Lol. Love likes to call me a tart. 
This last week we did allot of things to celebrate my little boy's birthday and our favorite was the zoo! 

We had the most amazing time, with only one fit because he didn't want to sit in the stroller, and I just laugh every time I see him sitting on the turtle because his little face is twisted looking at my mom. We will always be biiig fans of the PPG zoo and aquarium. Though I get more out of the aquarium than he does. And he got to come home with a HUGE elephant. Lol. We have lots of new toys all over the house and we just went through the old ones to see what we are going to donate and throw away. So yay! In comes the new and out with the old. :)
And leaving today on a note - I will never buy these again. Never ever. uuugh... 

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