Thursday, September 8, 2011

1,2,3,4,5,6... 9,10

This is what my little one has decided to chant while mowing the deck. I'm so happy we have the most well trimmed deck. He does such a good job, don't you think? - There is also a day to plan. My little boy turns three next week and we are taking him to the zoo on his birthday. We are pretty sure that we are opening presents here after while we cook (grill?) dinner. There ins't just one theme as we had originally planned. There is two, how lucky am I? Lol.
We have iron man who is his absolute hero and there are action figures all over the house to remind me of it.

 And the second is Thomas the train.

I think that after this birthday he will have more Ironman figures than his baskets can hold. But we are making the transition from wooden train and tracks to the Thomas take and play sets. Its getting hard to find around me any toy stores that carry the right track and trains and if we go to the take and play sets when we travel somewhere it will be easier to take them with us so he isn't as bored in the hotels.
I can't believe my baby is turning three. But very very proud of who he is growing up to be. I know allot of kids have started school in the last few weeks and he will be starting preschool. But for now, I get to enjoy my little one being home. Happy Thursday ~

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