Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Catching up

There have been quite a few things going around over here. But most of all I have been internet lazy. Good in a way really because I have been able to finish some things and start some others and spend some good time with my son and hunny. Last week we found our selves in New Jersey for an emergency for loves work and since he couldn't get a flight out fast enough he drove and took us all with him! <3 That weekend we went to Petco and adopted a kitty, which is something that I have been wanting to do for about a year or so. And she is adjusting to us thank goodness and loving that she has so many places to snuggle and be comfy. She really loves my blanket that I usually drape over the side of the couch!

Almost Two months old, she is our little girl tortie and with the help of my little one we have named her Pumpkin. She is really a blessing to the house and is adjusting well I think. In other news - You know those slippers I had been working on with different materials and it not working for me? Well yhea, my second material I was using for them was ribbon yarn that was gorgeous but that didn't end up working as they seemed to look like it was a pattern for a giant. So, on Saturday before I went to pick up our new Pumpkin I went to a craft store and picked up the following yarn -

I love both of them so much and am currently on the lookout for a good pattern using patons lace, but I used the other (that reminds me of an adorable watermelon when its all put together like that.

I really love them and am wearing them now. I did have some sizing problems with all patterns and I didn't want a strap across the top of them, so I made my own pattern and hello... I think I'm in love. :)

Sorry for the slight mark on my ankle, stupid bugs living next to the woods. But I love the height and everything. They don't slip off and are comfortable with everything. I have heard lots about people saying to use cotton yarn for slippers, and I did end up using wool but when I saw the yarn I just knew its purpose already. :) - Also I created another pattern as well and got lots of yarn to make some more, gathering stock for etsy. With a little of my sons help on keeping trying it on again and again it seems my first is his and I'm so happy he loves it! Introducing the Dinosaur hat -

Its so hard to get him to sit still for a picture as he turns three next week but I am glad that he likes it and it looks so cute on him.

That ones a little blurry and white balance is off but you can see his smile. He loves to wear it with his dino shirt. And something fantastic happened last week - I got my Cosmo Cricket Mystery Box  and I love everything that is in it!!! I am making a Halloween mini album from some of the things that came in it. I am really surprised what all came in it, here is a peek-

So much paper, and I've never used blackboard and coloring it with colored pencils is a blast! I am having so much fun with what I received and will be posting lots of pictures. I think that overall this is my second favorite paper ever.
What a fantastic last two weeks and I hope everyone is having fun as fall settles in around us.

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