Sunday, June 12, 2011

I've caught the owl 'bug'

Both owls will be for sale when my cousin and I start up our Etsy site either later this month or next. But I love love loved making them. I adore them! I don't know what exactly made me catch the owl bug either! I know the white one was my first and I thought I was going to make a bean bag bottomed bunny... but that didn't happen. In one day I created a cute little snow owl! And the other was created in three days only because I had allot of other things going on. She doesn't have a bean bag bottom and is chunky'er than the snow owl. I haven't named her yet either... she should have a cute little girls name. I have made another but I am sewing in the zipper currently because she is a little handbag whos eyes are buttons and wings are pockets.... super cute. But she will come on a later post when I have her finished.
I look places and see owl stuff and it just grabs my attention. I even bought owl stickers the other day!! ( I thought they would look cute on the tags for the above ) I know the whole owl thing has been out for a while now and I'm late to catch on, but how cute! And I had so much fun making them as I used no pattern so each is different and I don't have to keep referring to a pattern to see what to do next. <3 Because really, unless its a video pattern, I hate them. Even though there are dozens of cute ones online and in books.
I think my next crocheted item will be a zombie or a Dino. But I might have to hide the Dino from my two year old if I did because I am sure that he would steal it as his own. Tee hee. Oooooh, ok there is another owl project I did, but its not really for sale. I made one for my son ( without the teether ) and two with a teether for my cousins baby. -

But I can actually say that I let my son pick out the fabric for it. He must have caught on to seeing them everywhere around me and thought he might as well go with it too. And each of the boys love their blankies/taggies so much. I had to sneak to get my son to go into another room to get his in the laundry today too! He had spilled milk on it and goodness knows I don't want him snuggling up to that when its all smelly. Thank goodness he has three others in different designs. I also made my cousin's son a blankie/taggie in the shape of a car to match his nursery but have misplaced the photo at the moment. But trust me its absolutely adorable!

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