Friday, June 10, 2011

A belly ache and shopping adventure

Yesterday we got back from a little three day trip with my Love and it was nice to be in a hotel and just lay around if we didn't want to do anything. And we went out to dinner and saw Thor in 3D. There was major thunderstorms going on with heavy rain so bad it was hard to see the road in front of you on the way down. We got there safe thou and relaxed and got to be with one another and relax. ( I asked to go to Joann fabrics but he laughed at me, tee hee )
 But today didn't start out so good with me having a headache, then a belly ache, and my two year old going from one thing to another and making me want to rip out my hair in chunks. But somehow I got through.- But not before I went to wallyworld for the pepto tabs and you know I had to go into the scrapbooking section to see if there was something new. Today might have ended up with me having some chewy pepto tabs, some chocolate Haagen-Dazs and cutting paper for the thank you cards that I am making to sell. I think I will be ok after all.
There wasn't anything new but they were having a really nice sale on some old stock and I got the above pictured things for waaaaay cheaper than I regularly would have gotten them for. I was really looking for the new Love You A Latte lite cartridge but it wasn't to be found there. And the one that I just got was my first lite cartridge. I like that it wasn't eighty bucks and that they have started to carry them at Walmart. Makes my life a little easier when I want to find something to make on the fly, especially for a holiday or something. Can't wait to show you the other things I have to put up on here, but for tonight and my first post I think that will be ok. :)
I hope everyone else is having a nice and relaxing night!

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