Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cricut n Vinyl

I did a project on Sunday that I am just getting to posting today. A little vinyl project to add a little character to the living room. I love using vinyl with the cricut. Especially around holidays or events. Its really fun to me and I love how it brings a little life to anything. There was originally two birds on this but I only wanted the single one.

I don't use cricut vinyl btw... I know I'm a bad girl... but I like to find things in a bigger supply when I know I use lots and lots of it. I get mine from - Vinyl Ease on Amazon And really if I am looking for something, that is the first place I go. I love But the transfer tape is cricut - I didn't want a large amount. I also don't use the Popsicle stick (man I really don't like following rules do I) I use a credit card or something to that effect. I worked once for a man who had his business in vinyl and found out the correct ways to go about applying it (even got the windshield of my car at the time to say 'supergirl' lol) and so I didn't watch any videos.

My house is still a little bare and I'm still adding things, but I have started collecting small things here and there with black silhouetted birds. I used the Sophisticated Cricut Cartridge, on page 60 the border at the top with the birds. All in all it took about 15 minutes to do and I really love the result. There isn't a whole lot of things I could do on that wall space being that there is a huge set of doors. But this makes a difference.
Hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday.


  1. This is cool! My house is in need of some new decor. I may have to try this. Thanks so much for your feedback on my new spinning video. So excited to share this new fiber obsession. Wishing you a happy Sunday. :)

  2. Thank you Sara! :) It was a pretty fast thing to do to add something to the room. Your so welcome, I really did love it and am looking forward to reading more of your blog and great videos! Happy Sunday to you too!