Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thankful Tues.

Yay, the front of my mini album is pretty much done. I like how I antiqued it. I am taking my time on this one and really doing what I enjoy and adding one thing at a time and feeling it out. I don't think I'll be a person who makes lots of mini albums but this one is good. Updating on the crochet - Last night I went to finish a ballet flat slipper and looked at it funny and went oh no this is way too big. It was the yarn I was using, too bulky, so when I did my double crochet it made it looong. Lol. Should have seen my face, like oh dear, I don't know if big foot likes crochet slippers. (though that would be a hoot) So I restarted with one of my favorite yarns and it looks sooo pretty. So I am hoping it works out and will show you when I'm done as its a secret on the yarn. tee hee.

I've been realizing that I'm awfully thankful lately. Thankful for- my son saying in his toddler talk that he loves me, it not even being a year yet but when he climbed into bed and actually pulled the covers up on himself that for me was the most amazing thing ever (dunno exactly why), that its fall, of books on my nook to read at night when I can't sleep, of my family and friends, and really really hot showers and cotton capris and hoodies for my not feeling well week.

My cousin came down yesterday and we went to JoAnns and then out to eat at a steakhouse, where her son and I proceeded to throw peanuts at one another. Her son and mine got cowboy hats from a nice waiter. And I came home with lots of stickers and small mats of cardstock. Overall a good day and a fabulous way to start the week. :)

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