Saturday, August 8, 2015

Homemade food and the why

These and more are all the things I've been making and we love so dearly. I'll be sharing the recipes to them all with you and telling you where I've found them and how I've tweaked them. But I'd like to share something with you first for today's post.

Since having baby bear I have had stomach issues. It's taken a long time to get down what it was and allot of evaluating. But it's plain and simple. I have a problem with preservatives. Just one bite or teaspoon can ruin hours of my day. And I'm not doing a sob song that I've tried but I want to be healthy... nope. I mean, I want to live a good life and not be overweight, but I love love love love love food!! I love all types of food. But as I write this I am finally almost done being sick from a preservative that I ate today.

I sat for about a half an hour and was plain confused on why I hurt so bad, why my insides felt like I was bloated and twisted into a pretzel. Everything I had eaten was homemade. I had homemade banana bread with a good brand of butter for breakfast. For lunch, I had a ham and cheese sandwich on bread that I made myself and had mixed the ham and cheese into the dough. But my failure was the condiment. I had dipped my two sandwiches into a small tablespoon sized amount of mayonnaise.

That tiny little amount of that yummy condiment made my life miserable for hours till my body chilled out four hours later.

I had no idea before this happened, how common preservatives are, and which foods have more than others. And I'm not saying that I put allot of research into it. I just looked at the things that we normally eat and was certainly shocked.

So that, in turn is why I make homemade, some nights staying up till my mother in the Netherlands is awake in the morning. Two nights ago she may or may not have asked me if I had fallen asleep at the oven. lol. The good about this whole thing is that we get to experiment and I can't settle for being bored and getting a boxed meal. I have to actually think and create. Which has made some really awesome things come together... and certainly some very... strange ones I'll never admit to trying.

Look tomorrow for my recipe for overnight refrigerator bread. And have an amazing day.

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