Friday, August 7, 2015


I feel like allot of things in allot of peoples lives are mistakes. My father always used to look at me when we were alone and ask me if I was happy. And I am.

A new friend asked me a week ago if my job was blogging since I had said once previously to her that I worked online. I replied that I did work online doing something and used to blog, but had not blogged in some time. Since I have last wrote on here, we have had an addition to the family by the name of Amelia Gray aka baby bear, we have also added a few cities to the have traveled list, and have baked/ cooked some new (to me) really awesome things.

Lets start this blog back out with something new I have started making and is a house favorite. Definitely something for the chocoholics, because I literally eat one, and I love chocolate more than my cat. - Ok, almost more than my cat. - I don't know what to call them, I picked up the recipe from a vlogger that we follow on YouTube. So, In turn we in the house call them Zoella cookies.

This is the vlog where she makes them and invites over the family we also subscribe to.

Recipe makes 8-10 hand sized cookies. * There is a reason they are so big, when you make them and wait the 30 minutes before removing them from the pan and eating one, you find out why. * And in my chocoholic opinion, one is enough for one person. And two is enough for one person if you are alone, and have milk and a book and just want some darn good chocolate and you're cranky.

1 egg
1 1/4 cups sugar
1 package chocolate morsels
2 1/5 cups of self rising flour
14 tablespoons of butter (yes you read that right)
2/3 cup of baking cocoa powder
1 dash of milk

- here are my notes - I don't keep self rising flour so I used regular and added in two tsp of baking powder. I know that the recipe for self rising flour calls for salt also, but I don't see the reason for this because baking powder has a salty taste to it. I also don't believe in using salt free butter, so I used salted in this recipe and every recipe from here on. And lastly, Zoella uses milk chocolate and white chocolate chunks. We have used milk & dark chocolate, just milk chocolate, and peanut butter chips & milk chocolate. I'm just not a fan of white chocolate. Though someday I will give in and try it, and I may just find myself pleasantly surprised.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F
Mix butter and sugar in one bowl, add in egg and mix till fully incorporated.
In another bowl mix flour (also baking powder if you don't have or don't use self rising), and cocoa powder in another.
Mix both together and add in a dash of milk, add in chocolate (I do this with my hands, it will break a weak or small wooden spoon) and form balls the size of your palm.
Take cookie sheet with parchment paper, put dough on it and press slightly down. Place an inch to inch and a half apart.

Cook for 10-11 minutes. NOW LISTEN, sorry for yelling, take these cookies and WAIT a half an hour before MOVING or EATING them. I'm so sorry, but seriously, you want to wait. It's magical. And we won't even go there on how hard it is for a pms'ing woman and a six year old to wait a half an hour when there is fresh chocolate cookies on the counter.

I really hope you enjoy them, and the post. And hey... it's nice seeing you. :)

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