Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some bulb planting and a craft area

My little peanut butter^.

Yesterday the landscaping crew came by and did all the yards and then did leaf control!! I've never had this before, the last place didn't do it. But this, they took something to my garden beds and got out all of the leaves! I was incredibly happy. And if I would have known I would have tried to tip them I was so glad that I didn't have to do it when I was planting bulbs.

We had allot of fun planting them and I did cut back one of the neighbors yucca plants because it was in my gardening space. It looked like she was not to happy about it, but I was nice and only cut like nine or ten realllllly long leaves (?) off. All in all, in a little more than two hours we had 4 bags of bulbs planted and I can't wait for spring already for them to pop up.

Another thing happening round here is that I am already getting ready for Christmas. Yay! I pride myself on having all shopping done before Dec 1st and the cards sent the week after Thanksgiving. So that December is just a month to have fun and relax and if I want to pick up something here and there it is out of kindness and not last minute thinking on what could be a gift not well thought through. I bought a swag for the front door, and made sure it was one without lights because I have lights that I want to put on it myself. Also this year, we  bought what is my first time decorating outside with a lit deer. Sometimes I think them tacky but I really like this one. And only one. Lol.

I know I haven't posted in a while, but this girl has been anxiety central. Why, I am not sure. That, combined with a toothache to rival a hurricane. Yhea. But a couple nights ago (like at midnight) I finally conjured up a plan. I have no extra bedroom in this house, and I wanted a desk from Ikea for Christmas because I am tired of having my crafting stuff on two different levels. Up, down, up, down... need a pen, run down, need some card stock, run up. Uuuugh. Well, that has all changed. (taken from where I sit at my laptop)

And I moved my lil ones crafting stuff upstairs too so that when I am working, he can pretend to as well.

Now I feel more organized and more on the ball. Now maybe I can get more done. I like to be organized! It truly makes me happy. :) And because I have all that organized. I have my laptop space cleaned off.

So! Very! Happy! Soon, I'll have a very exciting post indeed about setting up shop! :) Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!!!

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